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Your Voice Matters

    • Webb School Look Book

      Webb Brothers, Sawney & John, 1890

    • Webb School Look Book

      Junior Class with Son Will, 1897

    • Webb School Look Book

      Webb Tennis Team, 1898

    • Webb School Look Book

      Girls on Library Steps, 1937

    • Webb School Look Book

      Webb Library, 1948

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      Seniors Working on their Senior Board, 1951

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      School Pennants Through the Decades

    • Webb School Look Book

      Studying in the Dorm, 1972 / Webb Seniors, 1975

    • Webb School Look Book

      Webb Basketball District Champions, 1981

    • Webb School Look Book

      Teacher, LR Smith, Trapping with his Class, 1990

    The First Voice

    The Webb School was founded in 1870 by Sawney Webb, a noted educator who made a permanent mark on the educational, political, religious, social and local affairs of his time. For the last 150 years, we’ve honored Sawney’s vision for his school by preparing generations of scholars, makers, and doers to go out into the world and be heard.

Discover The Power of Your Voice

Have you ever wished for the opportunity to discover the power of your own voice? Then you’ll love participating in Webb’s Emerging Voices Program, where you’ll nurture raw, original ideas into polished creations like orations, performances, and even paper presentations. With the Emerging Voices Program, you’ll discover that your voice can—and should—be heard. It’s an experience unlike any other, and we can’t wait for you to participate.

Emerging Voices Program

Find your voice. Define your character.

Honor and personal integrity are the hallmarks of a Webb education. Each year, students sign an honor pledge reinforcing their commitment to conduct themselves with the highest of personal standards, and to respect the members of our community through both words and actions.

Personalized Education

At The Webb School, we are deeply committed to providing each of our students with a personalized education that meets their needs and sets them up for success. We do this by surrounding our students with layers of support, from limiting our class sizes to a 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio, to emphasizing the relationship between student and faculty, and providing supportive programs that accommodate each student’s learning capabilities.

Here are just some of the benefits of our academic program:

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    Vigilant Guidance

    Including but not limited to: The Webb Advisor System, bi-weekly progress reports, a daily “Extra Help” period, standardized testing preparation, and study center.

  • Support for Learning Differences

    At Webb, each student deserves the right to an education that’s right for them. That’s why we’ve devised the Webb LIFT Program, designed for students with diagnosed learning disabilities such as ADHD and dyslexia. Students in our LIFT Program receive the structure necessary to be disciplined, academically successful young adults.
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    Rigorous Advanced Placement Courses

    Our reputation as a world-class institution stems from our ability to challenge students to get the very most out of their academic efforts. The Webb AP Program gives each student the opportunity to excel in our most rigorous courses. Will your name be added to the long list of The Webb School Advanced Placement Scholars?
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Enriching Your Voice

We believe students’ voices are most powerful when they’re well-rounded. At The Webb School, our academic rigor is matched only by our countless extra-curricular opportunities. From team sports to yoga, club memberships, and hands-on outdoor training as part of our Wilderness Instruction and Leadership Development (WILD) classes, you’ll have the chance to strengthen your voice through collaboration and competition.

  • Ready to Lead

    Our graduates go on to do great things at great colleges all over the world—in fact, our college placement rate is 100%. Our experienced college counselors, college prep courses, and dedication to character development will prepare you to succeed in life after Webb. Take advantage of all our resources, including our vast family of Webb Alumni, as you begin to look for new ways to be heard in the world.

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